I have some exciting news. 

But before we get to that, I just wanted to thank everyone who took time from your busy schedules to come to my show last month at Underground Music Cafe.  It was a great turnout.  And precisely because of your support, Underground Music Cafe has asked me to apply as Artist in Residence.  So here’s the deal.  They want to test how many people we can bring in, but at a different day and time.  They asked me to perform Friday, February 16th from 5pm to 6:30pm.  Part of an application process, I guess.  If accepted, I get to perform and showcase my work on a monthly basis!  This is a great opportunity for me to grow as an artist and to increase my engagement with all of you.  To make the evening more enjoyable, I am planning to premiere two of my most recent recordings as well as talk a bit about the process of music composition and production and how that differs from live performance.  So here is where I get to ask for your help.  I know many of you already have plans, but for those who don’t, it would really help me if you could come to the show and bring along a friend or two.  And to build a little audience participation, you get to decide which two songs you want to hear most.  Go to my Facebook  page and comment on the post,  telling me which two songs you want to hear: Your choices are: “Just So You Know,” “Shiver,” “Anxious” and “Sleepyhead”.  The link to my Facebook page is:

Remember, the performance is: Friday, February 16th from 5pm to 6:30pm at the Underground Music Cafe, 1579 Hamline Ave N, Falcon Heights (St. Paul).  Write or call if you have any questions.  THANKS and I really hope you and a few friends will come and enjoy some music.  <music@roszo,com  or @roszomusic on Facebook.>

  • THANKS to all who have already followed me on Spotify and YouTube.  Please share with your friends and save a song to your own playlist.  (Sharing and saving helps introduce new music to new listeners.)
  • My second album is well underway.  Demos have been recorded for four songs already.  Next, we will work on video concepts before final mix downs for individual songs.

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“Eugine’s music is a reflection of his life experiences. Honest and thoughtful without sacrificing the head-bob and foot-tap we all look for in a strong chorus.”
Will van de Crommert   | Producer

“One has few opportunities to work with incredible talent from the beginning of their career. To see such positive response so quickly has been a privilege.”
Joey Suarez   |   Social Media & Brand Manager

“To help Eugine explore the visual side of his artistry has been truly gratifying.”
Rick Allen   |   Photographer